Open Financial Platform for Cryptocurrency Investors and Immigrants

We provide SaharaPay platform for you to buy, sell and exchange digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and as a global online payment, funds transfer and remittances using bitcoin and SPAY token.

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Buy, sell bitcoin, ethereum and more quickly and easily.


Remittance to Africa from anywhere in the world. Send funds to family and friends using SPAY token or bitcoin while we make direct deposit to beneficiary bank account or withdrawal using SaharaCard.

Debit Card

Sahara Card, is been designed to allow holder spend bitcoin in more than 45,000 million stores globally or withdraw cash on ATM.


Stores can now receive bitcoin anywhere in Africa, we deposit local currency into your bank account.

What is SaharaPay?

SaharaPay is a FinTech company that provide a seamless platform for digital currency exchanges, online payment and remittances using the blockchain technology.

Our system consists of digital currency exchange, International Money Remittance, vouchers, mobile top ups, bill payments, an e-wallet and a payment gateway for merchant. The SaharaPay core system unifies all transactions that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple crypto-currency-related services.

  • Global Payment
  • Financial Services
  • Bill Payments
  • Exchanges
  • Tokens and Smart Contracts
  • SaharaCard

Remittance and Cross Border Payment

International migration - according to 2013 census data, more than 247 million people were living outside of their countries of origin. About 180m immigrants send money home called "Remittances". Over $413 Billion remittances were made to developing countries to support family and friends.

The problem - Immigrants pay high fees to send money. Some remittance companies charge a flat fee of $30. The average global cost of sending money is 8%, to send money to Africa cost 12%, to send money within Africa is even higher at over 20% i.e. Nigeria to Kenya, Benin or Ghana.

We solve the problem with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Remittances and Cross Border Payments can be done with bitcoin or SPAY token at a cheaper rate. Holder of SPAY token can send money with as low as $10 flat fee and fees are paid with SPAY token.

SahEx - Sahara Exchange

Sahara Exchange is being developed with ease of use in mind for newbies and pro. A secure, trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading with BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, BTC/NGN, BTC/CFA, BTC/ZAR pairs and other major currencies.

Users can fund their wallet with bank deposit, debit cards or online transfer and convert to any of the currency pair to trade. SahEX data is safeguarded by a layered architecture that insulate all customers assets and exchanges. Internal access secured by biometrics. With a robust risk management, real-time error checking, and support for KYC, AML, and 2FA authentication makes sahara exchange a simple secured platform.

We Are Disrupting a Multi Billion Dollars Remittance Industry.

According to World Bank projections, international migrants were expected to remit more than $582 billion in earnings in 2015, of which $432 billion will flow to low- or middle-income countries. Immigrants from Africa today number approximately 20 to 30 million adults, who send around $40 billion USD annually to their families and local communities back home.


Billion USD — excepted revenue from SPAY tokens by 2025


million potential clients in Africa


no borders for international payments


faster transaction

1 SPAY token price

0.0001 BTC

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How it all Started

Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

  • Akaninyene Sandy

    Corporate Manager

    Akaninyene Sandy

    An innovative & team-oriented strategist with track record in st art-ups and turn-around busines s situations.

  • Afolabi Kilaso

    A Technologist, an entrepreneur, investor and an experienced business consultant. Afolabi believe bockchain technology will completely change our world. A self starter with combined 12 years experience as a database and software developer, project manager, program development and management.

  • Michael Fair


    Mike Fair

    "Mike has spent a great deal of time studying how people and businesses can use blockchain technologies, especially custom asset platforms like Stellar, to implement their business logic. He has consulted on several ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects, Stellar Anchors using coins for offerings for securities like traditional Mutual Funds, digital artwork files, system's access controls, and more. He is based in Los Angeles and San Diego, California in the USA.

  • Jean Chanay

    Business Development, Compliance Manager

    Jean Chanay

    Jean has an extensive experience as a crypto professional specialized in Business Development, Compliance and Financial Strategy, having worked with successful international and domestic FinTech companies as well as high net worth individuals, in United Kingdom, Switzerland and France.

  • Adejoh Abdul

    Card and Payment Solution

    Adejoh Abdul

    Abdul is ardent professional with over thirteen (13) years' of experience in different areas spanning through card personalization, Card Issuing, Business/product Development and Electronic Payments technology. He has held several position in blue chips company in Nigeria.

  • Abiola Gold


    Abiola Gold

    Experience CEO and financial services strategist having created and managed companies including a Microfinance Bank. An entrepreneur, with over 15 years experience in Banking, Telecommunication and Cards Manufacturing before embarking on private business. He is the chairman of Sambigold Global Trust Investment Limited. An Investment company providing funds to startup and SME..

  • Wang Louin

    Blockchain Developer

    Wang Louin

    Has a solid ba ckground creating complex mobile applicatio ns for iOS and Android. Experienced blockchain developer with bitcoin and etherium. He is Passionate abo ut open source project Wang hold a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Scrienc e from Shenyang University.

  • Reji Kumar R

    Web Developer & SEO Expert

    Reji Kumar

    PHP Web Development, Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing, Web design, Ecommerce, CMS systems and PHP application Development are also his strong areas of expertise.

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Start: July 2, 2018, Monday, 8:00 AM
Total Supply 300,000,000
Hard cap: $25m
Soft cap: $2m
Token: SPAY
Token Price : $0.10
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

SPAY Token Contract Address

The following address is for the SPAY token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Token Distribution

How to Buy Spay Tokens

Investors can purchase Spay token during the token sale or after the token sale on SaharaExchange and other exchanges.

  • 70% Total ICO distribution to the community
  • 12% Reserved Funding
  • 10% Reserved for Founders and management
  • 3% Marketing, Bounty, Team
  • 3% ICO Partner, advisors
  • 2% Charity